Crim' au soleil

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Summary :
February 2020: the queen of the carnival of Nice dies in an enigmatic way at the top of her tank, in full corso. Mandated by a mysterious sponsor to identify a serial killer who tattoos his victims of the number XIII, the private detective of Nice Garri Gasiglia investigates with an idealist investigative journalist, who has become an alarmist. She militates against the upcoming ratification of the new generation of cell phones, the 6G, which could trigger a worldwide epidemic of electro-hypersensitivity, as deadly as the medieval black plague. From the Côte d'Azur to the major European metropolises, via the shallows of the deep Web, they will be at the heart of the power of industry, politics, health and the media.

In the course of a twilight road-movie, these beings dented by life are the metaphor of two worlds colliding: citizen mobilization against the emerging New World Order. For in the hollow of the plot of this pseudo-fiction, the consequences of the harmfulness of the waves for public health as well as the collusion of the various actors in the sector are pointed out without complacency, helping to awaken our consciences.

By closing this novel, you will no longer look at your smartphone as before...

Author : Bernard Deloupy
Editions Gilletta

Text in french only.