Maisons du Sud en Provence et Côte d'Azur

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Summary :
Mas or bastide, country cottage of the fields or the creeks, Belle Epoque villa, private mansion or house of village... The identity of these houses of the South can first be read on their facades. Each regional territory, from the Luberon to the Riviera, jealously preserves the unique character of its habitat. Imposing or narrow, hidden under an overhanging roof or sheltered by a sponge cake, with small windows or large bow-windows, turning their back on the sea wind or seeking the sun of the adret, the facades are in all their diversity, reflecting a geographical and climatic environment, a historical and social context.
Coming from the land where they are anchored, the materials that give them life also express, in their own way, the colorful character of a country and its people.
It is to this quest for architectural meaning that the author of this book invites us, whose images of light revive the memory of the builders of the South.

Bilingual edition French - English

Text: Marie-Pascale Rauzier
Photos: Marie-Hélène Carcanague
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