Provence Remarquable

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Summary :
On four departments and much more "country", Provence deploys the charm and the intensity of its colors, worthy of soeuvres of Cézanne. The reader will thus find the sapphire of the Mediterranean, the white rocks of the high country, the emerald of the Verdon, the pinkish skies of the Camargue, the ochres of the Luberon, the gold of the facades of Aix and the divine lavender which embraces with its perfume the warm stones of the Cistercian abbeys.
Provence, as an artist, offers us all the nuances of her precious palette and her paintings are as many calls to go to meet this land of inimitable light.

Bilingual edition French - English

Text: Bruno Caïetti
Photos: Dominique Zintzmeyer
Editions Gilletta