Randonnées botanique et découverte de la région

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Summary :
Dedicated to the nature lovers, this work presents the flora of the Alpes-Maritimes department remarkable mosaic of landscapes. This unique heritage, Louis Poirion le c knew well. Actor engaged in the creation of the Mercantour National Park, he left a fascinating anuscrit - retranscribed in the first part of this book - which makes the synthesis on the great sets of the vegetation of this exceptional territory.
The second part allows you to discover the smilieux described by Louis Poirion through thirty-three botanical hikes richly illustrated and detailed, providing all the technical information: starting point, elevation, duration, distance, difficulty ...
These itineraries, proposed by Lionel Carles and Ludovic Thébault, the two authors of the Guide de la flore des Alpes-Maritimes, are of various levels and are spread throughout the department, presenting an impressive diversity of landscapes. They are true naturalistic walks, which can be done at different seasons from the coast to the highest peaks, which are as much a Sunday excursion as a "treasure hunt" ... botanical!
The work, supervised by the Conservatoire botanique national méditerranée and the Mercantour National Park, is full of numerous boxes on environmental themes or emblematic species that make this incomparable region of France so special.

Authors : Louis Poirion - Lionel Carles - Ludovic Thébault
Editions Gilletta.

Text in french only.